ProGuard: Ultimate Surface Protection.

Introducing our premium protective coating solutions designed to shield and revamp your gear. Ideal for aluminum and steel surfaces, our advanced coating enhances the durability and aesthetics of your outdoor equipment.

From bullbars to roofracks, our service covers a wide range of applications including RVs, caravans, 4×4 vehicles, utes and marine environments.

Advanced Protective Coating Solutions

Elevate and protect your equipment with ProGuard Coating Services, offering advanced, customisable surface protection for automotive, marine, and recreational vehicles. Our durable coatings enhance appearance and durability, effortlessly resisting wear, scratches, and environmental damage.

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Long-lasting Protection

Shields against wear, tear, and environmental elements.

Customisable Finishes

Available in black, grey, white, and various shades to match your style.

Versatile Applications

Perfect for bullbars, crashbars, toolboxes, roofracks, and more.

Enhanced Durability

Increases the lifespan of your equipment, ensuring it stands the test of time.


Ideal for a Range of Applications.

Our coating is versatile enough for use in various industries and applications. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your off-road caravan, protect your 4×4 vehicle, or enhance marine equipment, our protective coating ensures superior performance in all conditions.


Automotive Industry

Ideal for vehicles of all types, including cars, utes, and SUVs. The coatings enhance the durability of exterior body work, underbody protection, and styling components. They are also used on wheels, hub caps, and engine bays to resist harsh conditions and chemicals.


Recreational Vehicles and off-road equipment

This includes applications for off-road caravans, RVs, and 4×4 vehicles. The coatings provide protection against rugged terrains and adverse weather conditions, ensuring that vehicles maintain their appearance and functionality. They are particularly useful for protective coatings on pick-up beds, Ute trays, and under wheel arches.


Marine Industry

Use this space to add a short ProGuard coatings offer excellent protection for boats and marine equipment, which are frequently exposed to corrosive saltwater environments. The coatings can be applied to hulls, decks, and other exposed surfaces to prevent corrosion and wear, enhancing both the longevity and appearance of marine vessels.

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